The Organisational Network Analysis Platform

Enabling organisations to understand exactly who they are working with on a relationship, sentiment and characteristic level to help drive growth and efficiency whilst mitigating risk.

As the world continues to become more connected, so too do organisations. Visualising and analysing formal and informal relationships, both inside and outside of your organisation, is a critical component when developing business strategy.

Within any organisation people build informal ‘go to teams’ both internally and externally, which are the lifeblood of organisations worldwide. Identifying the critical conduits for the exchange of ideas and information are the foundation for understanding how information in your organisation is flowing, can flow, and should flow.


Understanding where connections and relationships exist on both a company to company and employee to employee level will identify who the ‘Central Nodes’, ‘Knowledge Brokers’, ‘Peripheral’ and ‘High Risk’ employees are.


A company’s data footprint has become an invaluable source of key organisational insights to help shape both the ongoing strategy as well as organisational design. Conducting in-depth analysis of internal rich data sources is an essential part of driving growth.


To adhere to regulatory processes the Converello platform allows users to conduct ‘Search and Retrieval’ queries with ease. It also provides a robust journaling process which is an essential part of any compliance programme.

Using unique data insights, the Converello Platform provides visibility of business-critical connections on an ongoing basis to increase effectiveness and sustainability whilst ensuring business continuity.